Stolen Moments, is a sexy, surprising contemporary comedy drama set in California's capital city. The independent feature film, directed by Elisabeth Nunziato, is a funny and tumultuous love story about two intersecting romances and the universal difficulty of recognizing happiness. Stolen Moments stars actors and musicians familiar to Sacramento audiences: Danielle Mone’ Truitt, Dave Pierini, Jason Kuykendall, Harley White Jr., Brittni Barger, Melinda Parrett, Erinn Anova and Anthony Djuan . The film is set to the rhythm of the city, with a dynamic original soundtrack as its pulse.

Screenwriter Maurice Robie's rendering of this pivotal and confusing moment in every life is both comic and poignant.
Director Elisabeth Nunziato's keen sense of authenticity and use of improvisation creates a lively cinematic experience - a sensitive honest portrait of contemporary life.

Director of Photography Michael Malmberg (Iron Mountain Films) captures Sacramento's many iconic settings in true indie fashion, working with minimal crew and lighting. His detailed visual style heightens the story's rich emotional journey.

The film's producing partners are Director Elisabeth Nunziato, Editor/Actor Jason Kuykendall (NK Media), Michael Malmberg, and Editor/Production Designer Lynn Malmberg (Iron Mountain Films). Stolen Moments was written by Sacramento-based writer Maurice Robie.

"One of the most striking elements of the project is its effortless diversity. At a time when our public discourse can make us feel separate and isolated from each other, this project stands as a breath of fresh air...literally a shot of much needed oxygen. The oxygen that comes from laughing together and falling in love together. Falling in love with characters who find their lives intertwined, not by class or race, but by shared passions, weaknesses, strengths and hopes. Lives forever woven together by these stolen moments." Director Elisabeth Nunziato


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